What Are Carriage House Garage Doors?

Carriage House Garage Doors

Learn More About Carriage House Garage Doors

Improve upon the feel and look of your garage doors with improved style and accessibility! Carriage house garage doors, aka barn-style garage doors, were the predecessors to car garages back in the vintage days where families had the good ol’ horsedrawn carriage to explore the town and whatnot. Nowadays we’ve traded that in for cars which although don’t quite have the same dimensions still can fit into these carriage housing areas! These garage doors offer an eclectic country-style look with a variety of looks from wood to paints and stains! They come with various attractive carriage house garage door styles and designs which can heighten the curb appeal of any property! You may choose to have them swing open, slide to the side or open like traditional garage doors! Options are endless and repairs are minimal or rare with expert installation and routine care! See why carriage house garage doors could be a fresh addition to your home with some key information regarding them below! As with any home construction, be sure to contact your local garage door professionals for guidance!

How do carriage house garage doors open?

Carriage house garage doors can now be operated as standard sectional garage doors. Yet they technically in the past swung out to let the carriage in. Many original carriage house garage doors have two hinged doors that swing outwards or two doors that slide open sideways. 

How much is a carriage style garage door?

Carriage house garage doors prices will vary depending on the materials, local home improvement market prices and level of insulation offered. As of such composite materials will be more affordable than natural wood. Carriage house garage doors cost can typically cost around $3,000 yet there are alternative options out there that run from $900-$1,000. Since garage doors tend to only need repairs once in your lifetime it can be a great investment that can up your home’s value and curb appeal.

How long do garage doors last?

Carriage house garage doors or garage doors, in general, can last 10-15 years and even 20 years with good maintenance of such factors as springs, rollers or sound materials.

What is a good R value for garage doors?

Saving your energy with a garage door is often overlooked, but having a high R-value will determine energy efficiency and can assist you in lowering your energy bills. With garage doors, this will typically be done with compatible insulation. An R-value is thermal resistance to heat flow in a building or construction. The number often seen on insulation products reflects calculations based on the thickness of insulation and its chemical properties. You’ll often see a higher R-Value based on a higher percentage amount of heat flow reduction. For example, an R-12 R-Value can have 93% of heat flow reduction while an R-16 has 97% of heat flow reduction. The higher the R-value the better energy efficiency.

Is garage door covered by homeowners insurance?

Carriage house garage doors or garage doors, in general, can be covered under a Section II homeowners insurance policy with liability coverage with most types of damage to a residential property. As of such, in general homeowners insurance can offer partial or full coverage on garage door repairs with the amount of money you receive being variable based on the cause of the damages. With cases of vandalism, fire or theft with damage your homeowners’ insurance should be able to provide coverage. Certain natural disasters, as well as intentional damages, however, are often not covered. Speak to your insurance representative or take a look at your policy for more information.

What are the best brands of garage doors?

There are many garage door brands that have great reputations for providing ease in use and protection. The current number one choice by the nation is Clopay with its wide selection of designs. Following that are Chamberlain, Amarr,  Unique, Overhead, Midland, Liftmaster garage door opener, and Raynor. There are many brands following this list and they can be researched to see the pros and cons of each option. As of such, depending on the manufacturer or garage door installation company you go with you may have certain selections available over others.

Double Garage Doors

Carriage House Garage Door Styles

  • X-Shaped
  • V-Shaped
  • Inverse V
  • Condensed Forms
  • North Hatley SP
  • North Hatley LP
  • Shaker XS
  • Shaker NH-LP
  • Dualforce
  • Uniforce

Contact A Professional

As with any type of service involving your home be sure to get into contact with a professional for installation on carriage house garage doors and more! Only with a professional will you be able to have proper specifications measured with proper garage door fittings that will be securely connected to your property. It’s recommended to look into your local residential roofing in Denver, CO or other garage door specialty services for residential improvement assistance. Your carriage house garage doors are a great way to increase the value of your home while providing an attractive aesthetic to the property! 

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