Can you get a new remote for a garage door opener?

accessing garage with remote

Luxury meets ease of access

Automatic garage door openers are a nice convenience, aren’t they? We may take them for granted until that one, usually, in the rain, the garage door opener remote doesn’t work.  There are few things that are more aggravating than when the garage door opener is not working at a crucial moment. You’re in a rush, you have your arms full of bags and briefcase, kids are running out to the car, and then no matter how much you push the button, the door doesn’t open.

There can be several factors going on when the garage door opener is not working correctly. Most of the time, it is the garage door opener battery needs replacing. Many households will keep a spare battery on standby just.

Are garage remotes universal?

Universal garage door opener remotes are available if you lose one that comes with your automatic garage door opener. Just like the original garage door opener, universal remotes can open 1 door or 2 door garages and a 3rd button that turns on the light. It helps to know the exact manufacturer of your current garage door and openers, but if you can’t locate the exact model number, a universal remote will work in most cases.

How do you program a garage remote control?

Sometimes a garage door remote is broken or lost, causing the need to purchase a new remote. For brand name automatic garage door openers, the remotes are readily available and simple to program. Most of the manufacturers have customer service lines where an agent can walk you through the process by phone. In the basic steps, you follow the specified pattern, as stated in the instructions by pressing, holding and releasing the buttons. This will determine the garage door opener frequency required to operate the garage door opener. Programming a universal remote is more complicated. All universal garage door opener remote should come with full instructions. The dip switches must be set first to match the brand of garage door opener and receiver, then match the radio frequency.                      

How do I program my garage door remote to another remote?

To program a new garage door opener remote into a current system, press the learn button down until the indicator light blinks on the opener. As the indicator light blinks, push the button on the remote. Next, test the new garage door opener remote by pushing the button once. The door should open. If not, repeat the steps.

closed garage door

How do you open a garage without a remote?

As convenient as garage door opener remote is in our busy lives, they don’t work if the electricity goes out, or if you can’t find it. Those are times it comes necessary to open your garage door without garage door opener remote. Through another access other than the automatic garage door, follow the following steps:

  • Step One: Enter the garage and if electricity is work, push the wall button. If the electricity is off, disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener remote.
  • Step Two: There is an emergency release rope that connects the garage door opener to the motor carriage. Pull-on that rope and the door will release from the motor carriage.
  • Step Three: In the case of the emergency release is jammed, or there isn’t an emergency release, disconnect the opener arm by locating the 2 bolts connected the opener arm’s 2 pieces. With a wrench, remove those bolts to disconnect the arm.
  • Step Four: Once you have the arms disconnected, grab the handle of the garage and lift.
  • Step Five: Reconnect the garage door to the garage door opener remote once the electricity is restored or the garage door opener remote is located.

If your automatic garage door is new for your home, congratulations! You will love this convenience. As we mentioned earlier in this piece, many homeowners will have a spare battery ready to replace in the garage door opener remote, because when the battery dies, it is at the least expected time.

If you are having new siding installed on your home and you don’t have an automatic garage door opener, now is the time to have this upgrade done. The siding combined with an automatic garage door opener will increase your property value, getting you the ROI needed. Call (720) 340-7916 today to get started with new garage door remote installation in Aurora, CO.