Real Wood Garage Doors

It’s time to replace your garage door and you’re looking for something more. You want strength, but you also want something that looks beautiful and elegant. If these thoughts have crossed your mind, wood garage doors could be for you.

Wood Garage Door Installation

Wood can provide a traditional, elegant look for your home.

These doors are as exquisitely designed as they are strong and offer years of unbeatable beauty. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of wood garage doors in Aurora, CO, call our consultants today at 720-299-5604.


Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

While true wood garage doors are the most costly garage door option, they offer incredible benefits that could make the purchase worth the money for some homeowners. Wood garage doors offer extreme resistance against denting as well as UV ray protection. In fact, with insulation reinforcement, wood garage doors are one of the most energy efficient options available. Wood doors are great for extreme temperatures but can begin to warp through the years from heavy humidity. Your wood garage doors can carry up to 10-year warranty and can last years longer with proper maintenance. They can also be stained or painted to any color available. Wood doors can come in long and short panel looks and can be found in the carriage house and Avante designs for a completely customized look for your home.

Expert Installation at a Great Price

Our garage door installation specialists will walk with you through every step of the installation process. Our professional team will discuss product details like costs, performance, and longevity, and deliver useful information on maintenance requirements, mechanical upkeep, and other helpful tips to ensure that your garage door lasts its maximum lifetime.

Wood garage doors can offer strength, style, and beauty to any home. However, it is a more costly and difficult system to install and maintain and requires restaining or painting every few years. If you would like to know more about the benefits of wood or you would like to schedule an installation of your wood garage doors around Aurora, CO, call 720-299-5604 to speak with our experts today.