Short and Long Panel Garage Door Installation

When it’s time to replace your garage doors, you could feel overwhelmed by all the choices in materials and design. As one of the most popular options available, both short and long panel garage doors can provide a hint of dimension to your garage door without being extravagant. They can be made with any material that garage doors come in and can be either recessed or raised to deliver the exact appearance you’re looking for.

Long and Short Panel Garage Doors

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What are Short and Long Panel Garage Doors?

Paneled garage doors have either a recessed or raised panel that is added for extra depth and dimension. These designs are available in every type of garage door material including wood, steel, and fiberglass, and can create detail that breaks away from a standard garage door without a lot of extra costs. Short and long panel garage doors are also available with insulated doors so you don’t have to sacrifice any resistance or protection for style and beauty.

Long Panel Doors

These doors are typically steel or fiberglass but can be made from any garage door material available. They are usually horizontal designs that run in sections on your door to create dimension on an otherwise flat surface. Long panels typically run the length of your sections and offer subtle style to your home.

Short Panel Doors

Short panel doors present the same features as long panel doors, but these panels are shorter and only cover about half of each section. This can create a more dimensional appearance than long panel doors with the same cost and benefits. These panels can be found with every garage door material, and do not affect the doors protection or resistance level at all. However, these panels can increase your home’s curb appeal by adding just the right touch of style.

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