Steel and Aluminum Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors

Steel and aluminum garage doors can be made to resemble any material, including wood.

For a garage door with outstanding durability and longevity that presents a beautiful appearance to your neighbors and guests, try an aluminum or steel garage door. These doors deliver great resistance to multiple hazards and offer outstanding appearance options that fit any style home.

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Benefits of Metal Garage Doors

Besides their low cost, steel and aluminum garage doors offer multiple benefits that protect your home and provide a great appearance. It’s no wonder these garage doors are one of the most popular options available. second only to fiberglass. While these systems are easily dentable, they can provide protection from other natural elements such as rain, snow, insects, and even mold and mildew.


Steel and aluminum garage doors are highly resistant to UV rays and water and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without cracking or warping. These doors are ideal for humid environments because they won’t rust or degrade.


With steel and aluminum garage doors, your appearance options are almost endless. These doors are paintable so you can create any color masterpiece you can think of. They are also available with recessed and raised panels as well as with a carriage house or Avante appearance.

Energy Efficiency

While already an energy efficient choice, reinforcing these doors with insulation can make them one of the most energy efficient garage door options available.

Metal Garage Door

These doors can come in double layer with a sheet of insulation behind the metal, or in a triple layer which contains a sheet of insulative material between two sheets of metal.

Aside from the relatively inexpensive cost of steel and aluminum garage doors, they can add elegance and dimension to your home’s appearance easily. Though metal doors are easily dented, these low maintenance systems can come with a 5-10 year warranty. To learn more about the benefits of steel or aluminum garage doors in Aurora, CO, call our experts to schedule a consultation at 720-299-5604.