Carriage House Garage Doors

The type of garage doors you use can drastically affect the appearance of your home. When you’re looking for a classic, traditional look that conveys elegance and style, carriage house garage doors may be the most beneficial choice for your family. These doors are available in multiple materials and can be installed quickly and efficiently to provide lasting elegance and superior strength.

Carriage House Garage Door Instalaltion

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Overhead Carriage House Doors

Overhead carriage doors appear as if they split in the middle but they actually move up and down like traditional garage doors. This style is typically used to save space on the driveway or outer area and is less costly than swing open carriage house doors. These doors can be made from metal or wood and can be resistant toward weather, UV rays, and insects or animals. Like traditional garage doors, carriage house doors can be available in multiple colors and styles and can be found with or without windows.

Swing Out Carriage House Doors

As described in their name, these doors swing out instead of rolling up, just like traditional carriage house doors from the past. The doors offer the ultimate design aesthetics as well as being durable and damage resistant. These doors can also be made from steel, fiberglass, or wood, and can offer the strength and durability of each material. Having swing doors allows for extra space within the garage, making it ideal for large vehicles as well as minimizing repair on mechanical parts.

When you’re looking for unbeatable aesthetics with strength and durability to go along with it, carriage house garage doors may be the perfect option for you. To learn more about the outstanding benefits of carriage house garage doors in Aurora, CO, call our professionals today at 720-299-5604 to arrange your consultation.