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Installing a Deadbolt Style Lock on Your Garage Door Can Increase the Security of Your Home.

You keep a lot of important things in your garage, and if you think that your automatic garage door opener is enough security to keep them from getting stolen, your home and valuables are in serious danger. With today’s high levels of technology, it isn’t difficult for thieves to find ways to override the remote for your automatic door and get into your garage. If you really want to make sure your home, property, and family are safe, perhaps you should consider installing a garage door lock in Aurora, CO. Contact Smart Garage Door Service today at 720-299-5604 to learn more about the options to increase the security of your garage door.

Garage Door Lock Styles

Every garage door is different, which is why there are a variety of different garage door locks available. A garage door lock can operate either manually with a key or automatically with a remote. The important thing to remember is that if you have an automatic garage door opener and a manual lock, trying to automatically open the door while it is locked will cause serious damage to the door.  Here are some common garage door locks.

Sidebolt Garage Door Lock
This is a deadbolt style lock that is installed on the inside of the garage door. This prevents burglars from tampering with the lock. You Can also Install a deadbolt style lock to the outside of your garage door.

Garage Door Lock Keypad

Some Garge Door Locks Require a Code to Open Them.

T-Handle Garage Door Lock
This lock is mostly used for metal garage doors. This is a manual lock that uses a cylindrical key to open the lock. This key is very difficult to produce and opening the lock without is near impossible.

Keyless Garage Door Lock
Keyless locks use a keypad and a customized code to lock and unlock the door. These can sometimes have a remote that you can use to unlock the door from your car. Another keyless garage security option is to extend the security system you have installed in your home so that it includes the garage.

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Garage security is extremely important, and also often overlooked. Smart Garage Door Service is committed to our customer’s safety. We proudly offer installation, repair, and replacement services for every garage door lock in Aurora, CO. If you’re worried about the security of our garage, give us a call at 720-299-5604.