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Your automatic garage door uses frequencies sent between the garage door opener and a remote to open and close the door. This process happens every single time you push the button on your remote until one day it doesn’t happen. In that moment, when you’re looking at the garage door that won’t open or close, you might be panicking and wondering if your whole garage door opener is going out. In some cases this might be true, but more likely it is a problem with the remote. Smart Garage Door Service offers services to repair or reprogram your garage door opener remote in Aurora, CO. If your garage door doesn’t open, contact our office at 720-299-5604 and we’ll have your door working again in no time.

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In many cases, a garage door that doesn’t open when the remote is pushed requires nothing more than a quick battery change in the remote. Other times it may call for a full blown garage door opener replacement. Then there are other times when the remote just needs to be reprogrammed. Smart Garage Door Service is prepared for all three scenarios. In the event that your garage door opener remote needs reprogrammed, we will send on our technicians to your home to reset the system. Once the system has been reset it won’t take long to sync the remote and opener to get the door moving again.  If reprogramming the old remote doesn’t work, it could mean that the remote needs to be replaced. There are many different remotes to choose from, including keychain remotes, wall mounted remotes, keypad remotes, car remotes and even remotes that will alert you about whether or not you forgot to close the garage door.

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When your garage door doesn’t open, contact the experts at Smart Garage Door Service to have us inspect or reprogram your garage door opener remote in Aurora, CO.  We offer a variety of services for repairing, installing and replacing garage door openers and their accessories. Give us a call at 720-299-5604.