Garage Door Cable Replacement & Repair

Pulley System After a Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cables Are Designed to Catch the Door if One of the Springs Breaks.

Your garage door is very heavy. This means that if the springs used in opening and closing the door ever break, the door could come slamming to the ground very quickly and cause serious damage to the door, your property or someone in your home. In order to prevent this from happening, every garage door is equipped with cables that not only help open and close the door but are also designed to catch the door in the event that a spring breaks. Since these cables play such an important role in the safety of the door, it is vital that they be well maintained, repaired and replaced to keep them from breaking. If you want to hire someone for garage door cable replacement in Aurora, CO, contact Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604. We are here to keep all your garage door systems working safely.

Do You Need Garage Door Cable Replacement?

Your garage door cables can wear out over time. As they age, there are a variety of things that can happen to cause them to malfunction. One of the most common signs that you should schedule garage door cable replacement is a fraying cable. This is a sign that the cable material is weakening and if a spring breaks the cable might not have been strong enough to hold the full weight of the door. Another common problem with garage door cables is a jammed door. This can occur when the cable gets stretched out and wraps around the drum of the pulley system. Cables are usually made of twisted metal. Occasionally, a cable can begin to unravel, making it weak and allowing it to get caught in the other parts of your garage door system. Sometimes a bad cable can be caused by a defective pulley wheel, so it is important to maintain and repair all systems related to your garage door cables.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

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Safety is a big priority at Smart Garage Door Service. We not only are concerned about the safety of our staff when they are out on a job, but we care a great deal about the safety of our clients. For this reason, we offer garage door cable replacement in Aurora, CO. Make an investment in the safety of your home and family and give us a call today at 720-299-5604.