Garage Door Torsion & Extension Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Our experts provide quick, reliable replacement of either type of spring your system uses.

Your garage door is the largest door on your home, and when it has problems it can cause your family multiple safety and property hazards. Spring wear is one of the top problems in garage door systems, and can easily be replaced by a professional. These springs are located at the top of your system and provide the tension needed to raise and lift your door. When your door is going slower or seems jerkier, call our professionals at 720-299-5604 for your garage door spring repair throughout Aurora, CO.

What are Torsion and Extension Springs?

Torsion and extension springs are the components of your garage door system that provides tension to raise and lower your door. Torsion springs use a twisting motion to operate the door while an extension spring uses an extend and contract process. While each spring can do the job, torsion springs are considered to be more durable and safer during a break than their counterparts and can contribute to a more even raise and lower action. Extension springs are the less expensive choice, but typically only last about half as long before needing replacement. These springs are easier to replace but can contribute to the jerky movement of the door as it raises or lowers.

Why Call a Professional?

While some homeowners attempt spring replacement themselves, we highly discourage it. Both torsion and extension springs are created to be extremely tight. When they need to be replaced, there is an extended chance of breaking which can cause serious injuries. Improper installation of these springs can also cause costly damage or serious injury. Since the springs of your system provide the tension needed to raise and lower the door, when one is aligned incorrectly or improperly installed, your system could be compromised, causing costly damage.

When your garage door is slowing or you have noticed a problem with your springs, our professionals can replace either type your system uses to provide smooth, controlled lifting of your door. When you need dependable garage door spring repair in Aurora, CO, call our expert technicians at 720-299-5604 for a quick, comprehensive repair you can count on.