Garage Door Pulley Wheel Replacement & Repair

Workers Installing a Garage Door Pulley Wheel

Always Let a Professional Complete Repairs or Replacements on Your Garage Door Pulley System.

Your garage door uses a variety of simple machines to open and close properly. One of these simple machines is a pulley system. The spring system that opens the door has two strong cables that glide over a garage door pulley wheel when the door is being opened or closed. These pulley wheels keep the cable in line and allow the garage door to open smoothly. When one of these pulleys breaks, it can spell disaster for your garage door. If you need to repair or replace a garage door pulley wheel in Aurora, CO, contact Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604. Pulley wheel replacement is extremely dangerous, so please let our professional contractors help you.

Signs Your Garage Door Pulley Wheel is Broken

When the pulley system on your garage door isn’t working properly, the door won’t properly open. Sometimes the door will shift from side to side while it is moving, or it will only open part way before stopping. One very clear sign that something is wrong with the pulley wheel is a loud scraping sound that occurs when the door opens or closes.

Broken Garage Door Pulley Wheel

If Your Garage Door Pulley Wheel Breaks, the Garage Door Will Not Open Correctly.

Garage door pulley wheel problems can occur for many reasons. Usually, it is because the ball bearings or rivets have worn out and the wheel simply splits apart. You can also experience problems with your garage door pulley system because the cables have worn out. Over time the cables can fray or twist, causing them to slide off the wheel. One of the main causes of garage door pulley wheel problems is inadequate maintenance, so be sure to have your pulley system inspected and lubricated several times a year.

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If you suspect that you might have a problem with a garage door pulley wheel in Aurora, CO, call Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604. We offer garage door pulley repair and replacement services and are more than happy to help you maintain these systems once we have repaired them. We understand the importance of garage door to the normal functioning of your life, and we are here to make sure you can get in and out of your home safely.