Why is My Garage Door Crooked?

Your garage door is an expensive component of your home so when you notice that it’s not opening and closing properly, you may begin to panic. Don’t worry. Most times, when your garage door is raising and lowering unevenly it’s due to a cable or spring malfunction and can easily be repaired by a professional.

Crooked garage Door Repair

When your garage door is closing crooked, call our experts to get it fixed fast!

Don’t put up with a garage door that looks off kilter and shabby. Call our experts at 720-299-5604 when your garage door is closing crooked around Aurora, CO for quick, professional repair.

Possible Culprits

Your garage door’s movement track is controlled mainly by two components- your springs and cables. When these wear out or break, they can cause your garage door to be uneven or jammed. Our professional technicians can inspect, diagnose, and repair your system quickly and effectively, with no hassle to you.


A broken or popped out cable is an easy repair for a professional and consists of simply rethreading or replacing the damaged cable. This will allow the motor and pulleys to correctly raise and lower your door again. This should be completed by a professional, however, to guarantee that your cables are even and correctly placed for optimal action.


The springs within your garage door opening system control the tension that your door uses to lower and raise effectively. When your springs are worn or broken, your door becomes too heavy for your system to life appropriately and you end up with an uneven or stuck door. A professional can replace your springs to allow proper tension for your system. These springs hold incredible amounts of potential energy and should not be replaced by anyone but a professional to avoid serious injury.

Your garage door is a main focal point of your home. Keep it on track and performing correctly with our expert repair and maintenance services. We can help keep your garage door functioning properly and efficiently for optimal energy use, weather protection, and visual appeal for your home. Call our experts today at 720-299-5604 when your garage door is closing crooked around Aurora, CO for expert repair that won’t dent your wallet.