Garage Door Bracket Repair

Garage Door with a Garage Door Bracket and Arm System

The Garage Door Bracket Connects to the Door Arm, Which Pulls the Door Open.

Your garage door has a lot of moving components. Many of these components are very small and seemingly insignificant and often overlooked. This can be very dangerous because even the smallest parts of the garage can cause serious damage to the door, resulting in a partial for full blown garage door replacement. Smart Garage Door Service understands this and that is why we offer repair and replacements for all your small garage door parts, including the garage door bracket. If you think your garage door bracket in Aurora, CO is broken or in need of replacement, contact our office today at 720-299-5604 for an inspection and free estimate.

Common Garage Door Bracket Problems

Garage Door with a Garage Door Bracket System

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The garage door bracket is the piece that holds the garage door arm to the door. The other end of the arm is connected to the pulley in a traditional trolley garage door opener system. When the garage door opens, the arm is what pulls the door up off the ground. Generally speaking, garage doors are very heavy. When the arm starts to pull up on the door, there is a lot of force being exerted on the bracket itself. Over time this can cause the screws to loosen, and when the screws loosen you run the risk of the entire bracket pulling away from the door.

One of the reasons garage door brackets pull away from the door so frequently is that most of them are not properly reinforced. Smart Garage Door Service offers installation services for garage door bracket reinforcement plates. The plates spread the force required to the open the door across a bigger section of the door so that your garage door bracket isn’t pulling the entire weight of the door. Most manufacturers do not install these plates, but the doors have a warning label saying it should be reinforced.

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Your garage door bracket is an important part of your garage door. Without this piece, the door will not open. If you’re seeing signs that your garage door bracket inAurora, CO is loosening from the door, or you just want to install a reinforcement plate to keep this from happening again, contact the office of Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604. We are here to help with all your garage door needs, no matter how small they may seem.