Overhead Fire Door Service

Whether you’ve just experienced a fire or you are preparing for one, getting your fire doors into proper compliance can be difficult and tedious. Let our professional technicians help repair or adjust your overhead fire rated door in Aurora, CO to meet safety compliance standards and create a better, safer work environment for your employees.

Overhead Fire Door Installation

Don’t get caught out of compliance. Our professionals can help you repair your door fast.

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Common Problems With an Overhead Fire Rated Door

Many times, your overhead fire door is experiencing a problem that’s common to most doors such as worn out springs or hinges. However, at times, there can be a problem with the mechanical or mobility system. Our professionals can help distinguish your exact problem and repair it quickly to keep your employees and business safe.

Door Won’t Fully Close

When your overhead fire door doesn’t fully close, you are no longer in compliance with safety guidelines. Most times, it’s something simple like broken hinges or worn out pulleys. These parts are simple for a professional to repair, and can be done with minimal interruption. It can also be a problem within the release system or the opener itself. Our professionals can inspect your system to locate the exact problem and offer realistic repair solutions for every budget.

Door Won’t Open

When your overhead fire rated door won’t open, it can cause circulation issues as well as transportation and production issues within your business. These problems are usually caused by damaged or broken hinges and can be repaired easily by a professional. Our technicians will repair or replace your hinge system to allow perfect opening and closing of your overhead fire door.

Don’t let a malfunctioning, out of compliance fire doors cost you money, time, and employee satisfaction. Our professionals can diagnose and repair or replace your overhead fire rated door in Aurora, CO to get your business back in compliance fast. Call our experts at 720-299-5604 to learn more about the causes of overhead fire door repair and how to alleviate them.