Garage Door Track Repair

Workers Installing a Garage Door Track

The Horizontal Tracks Hold the Door in Place While It is Open.

The tracks on your garage door are among the most important parts of the door system. Without these tracks, the door has nothing to go up and down on when it opens and closes. If a garage door track is damaged or broken, it can create a series of other problems for the garage door. When you need to repair or replace a garage door track in Aurora, CO, call the office of Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604. We have all the expertise you need to be able to help you identify the problem with your garage door tracks and get them . . . well . . . back on track.

Reasons to Get Your Garage Door Track Repaired

There are two different tracks in your garage door system. The first is the horizontal track which provides the door a place to hang when it is open. The second is the vertical track, which guides the door up and down while it is opening and closing. Each side of the door has a vertical and a horizontal track. If any of the tracks are broken or damaged it can cause major problems for your garage door. Here are some common problems that can occur with your garage door track.

Vertical Garage Door Track

The Vertical Garage Door Tracks Keep the Door in Line While it Is Going Up and Down.

In order for the tracks to work correctly, they all have to be aligned with each other. If one of the tracks is even slightly out of alignment it can throw your garage door off track — literally.

Bent Tracks
Tracks that are bent can affect the alignment of the garage door track system, but mostly they disrupt the path the door takes when it opens and closes. This can cause the door to slide off track or bend.

Dirty or Dry Tracks
Garage door tracks need occasional lubrication to prevent the parts from creating too much friction when the garage door opens. Smart Garage Door Service offers services to lubricate and clean your garage door tracks.

Schedule Your Repairs or Replacement

If your garage door isn’t opening smoothly, or it makes a grinding sound when it does open, or if it has slipped off the tracks, you probably need to replace one of the tracks. For repair and replacement of a garage door track in Aurora, CO, call Smart Garage Door Service at 720-299-5604.