Rolling Garage Door Repair

It’s happened. Your roll-up door no longer rolls up. Or worse, it rolls up but won’t stay. Don’t subject yourself to the daily frustration of a rolling garage door that doesn’t properly roll. Whether your door has been hit or it’s just having problems rolling up, our experts can repair it quickly to get you back in business. When you need repair, replacement, or installation service for your rolling garage door around Aurora, CO, call our technicians at 720-299-5604 to complete the job at your convenience and on your budget.

Rolling Garage Door Repair

When your rolling garage door won’t roll, call our experts to fix it fast!


Common Problems of a Rolling Garage Door

Though rolling garage doors are one of the least problematic door systems, there are still occasional issues that can come up. When your door is below par, one of these problems could be the culprit:

Hard to roll up or won’t roll up at all

When your roll-up door isn’t rolling up, a few scenarios may be taking place. Worn out torsion springs will make your door extremely hard to lift because they are no longer helping. This problem can also be caused by damaged slats or an unbalanced system. In some cases, it can even be caused by the coiling wheels in the housing getting worn.

Loud screeching sound

All garage doors are a little noisy. But when your roll-up door begins to sound like nails on a chalkboard every time it’s in operation, you may need your system re-lubricated. This will decrease friction to give your door a quieter operation.

Visible door damage

When something collides with your door, it doesn’t just cause an unsightly dent in your door. In fact, it can cause costly damage all through your rolling garage door system if not repaired. Separated, bent or missing slats will catch on the tracks as well as prevent the door from coiling properly. Damages should be repaired as soon as possible.

When your rolling garage door is having problems, it costs your business time, money, and frustration. Get the repairs you need for your rolling garage door in Aurora, CO by calling our experts at 720-299-5604 today. We will repair your door fast, with no hassle to you.