Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

When your commercial garage door opener isn’t working properly, it can cause your door to shake, open and close noisily, or not open or close at all, which can shed a very unprofessional light on your business. It’s a good idea to have your commercial door openers repaired quickly to prevent further problems and negative business perceptions.

Commercial Door Opener

Let our experts repair your commercial garage door opener quickly and affordably.

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Common Commercial Garage Opener Problems

Commercial garage door openers are considered to be fairly durable. However, they will have problems from time to time. When your opener quits opening properly, call our technicians to complete your repairs, reprogramming, or replacement affordably and effectively to get your business back on track.

Opener doesn’t properly raise the door

When your commercial door isn’t raising or lowering properly, chances are you have a problem with a spring, roller, or pulley. These components raise your door evenly and smoothly, so when one is worn or broken, it can cause your door to jam or slow. Our professionals will clean, repair, and lubricate your system for proper operation.

Your opener is running, but nothing’s happening

In some cases, this problem is a simple fix- just reconnect the emergency disconnect cord which has been accidentally unattached. In other cases, your opener’s mechanical components could need repairs in order to make its motor operate correctly. Our technicians can diagnose your problem quickly and recommend realistic solutions for every budget.

Your system doesn’t work from any activation switch

This could be one of multiple issues including a power interruption like a blown breaker, or a mechanical problem within your system. Our technicians can diagnose your issue and repair it completely.

Don’t let your business suffer from a faulty commercial garage door opener in Aurora, CO. Our experts can repair, reprogram or replace it quickly and affordably to get your business going again, fast. Call us today at 720-299-5604 to speak with a professional and schedule your consultation, today.