Garage Door Chain Hoist Service

Whether your garage door is manually or electrically operated chain hoist, it can run into problems over the years. While some issues such as lubrication and cleaning are simple and can be done yourself, others like pulley, chain, or slip clutch repair can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury. These repairs are best left to the professionals. Our expert technicians will repair your door quickly and painlessly to get your business moving again. When you need dependable chain hoist garage door repair in Aurora, CO, call us today at 720-299-5604 to discuss your garage door options and repair solutions.

Possible Hang Ups and Their Solutions

Garage Door Chain Hoist Repair

Our experts can repair your chain hoist for smoother, safer operation.

Your garage door has multiple systems that come together to create a smoothly functioning opener. When your chain hoist begins to degrade, it can cause major problems for your door like not opening or closing properly, noisy operation, and even getting stuck. Our professionals can diagnose your door’s problem and repair it quickly to minimize interruption to your business.

Slip Clutch

Problems with your slip clutch can be not only bothersome but very dangerous. These systems prevent your door from coming back down once they are raised so when they malfunction, you run the risk of a door fall. These parts can also create raising problems when they stick in the closed position. Our professionals can repair or replace your slip clutch easily to ensure a safe operating system for your chain hoist garage door.

Pendant and Pin

When your pendant or the pin that holds it is damaged, your door will not open or close. This is because the pendant wraps your chain to help the door move. Our professionals can replace your pendant and pin system efficiently and effectively to promote steady, smooth lifting and lowering.


The chain is the foundation of your opener. As the chain wears or loses lubrication, your door will begin to gain friction, making it noisier, rougher, and more easily worn. To prevent chain problems, ensure yours is always properly lubricated. When problems do occur, call our professionals to inspect and repair your chain and chain housing for optimal chain hoist garage door operation.

Although chain hoist garage door systems tend to be the simplest to maintain and repair, they can develop problems that cause your system to not work properly or begin premature degradation. Call our experts at 720-299-5604 for your next chain hoist garage door repair around Aurora, CO and discover the Smart Garage Door Service difference!