Is Your Garage Door Not Working?

two garage doors in driveway

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Not only do garage doors provide protection and convenience, but they boost curb appeal as well. Just like adding vinyl siding to your home gives it a nice finish, so does installing a well made garage door. That is why it is important to maintain your garage roofing. A garage roof in disrepair allows chances for thieves to enter, animals to get in, water damage to occur that leads to mold growth, and more damages to happen. Having proper installation eliminates the need for garage door repair. Smart Garage Door Service provides garage doors installation and repairs in Aurora, CO. Call us at 720-299-5604 to set up an appointment.

Common Garage Door Problems

The Sensor is out of Alignment: Also known as the photo eye, the garage sensor can get bumped, foggy or cracked. If that happens, the infrared beam can’t sense when your car approaches or that your remote has signaled for the door to open.

Door is Manually Locked: Sometimes the garage door can get manually locked. If whenever you press the button to open the door, but the gears keep on making a grinding noise and the door moves an inch, only to slam back down, the door has been manually locked. Most garage doors have handles to unlock them from the manual position that you physically rotate.

Noisy Door: It’s not a pleasant sound to hear your garage door squealing or grinding open and closed every day. Sometimes the gears just need a good oiling. Other times, the springs have broken or the door has come off the track.