Garage Door Dent Repair

Although steel and aluminum garage doors offer extensive benefits, dent resistance is not at the top of the list. Even small things like golf balls can dent your garage.

Garage Door Dent Removal

When you dented garage door is throwing off the look of your home, call our experts to repair it fast.

Our professionals offer quick, reliable garage door dent repair throughout Aurora, CO that can leave your door looking like new again. Call us today at 720-299-5604 to schedule your appointment.


Our Professional Repair Options

Our expert technicians have multiple techniques that they can use to deliver exceptional garage door dent repair results at a fair price. Our technicians will walk you through the steps and procedures of each technique to ensure that are you always in the loop with your repair.

Heat Removal

By using this technique, our experts can apply a combination of heat and air pressure to pop the dent back out without causing any damage. The dent will be completely removed and any carbon dioxide residue will be washed off to reveal a perfect garage door.

Tap Technique

Our professionals can also use specialty tools to brace your door and apply pressure directly to the dent to physically pop it out. This method is used for deep or large dents that are difficult to remove without pressure. Our experienced professionals can apply just the right amount to push out your dent and return your garage door to pristine condition.

Level and Cover

For dents in your wood garage door, our professionals can use special sealing products to carefully even out and seal the dented area. Our technicians will then repaint or restain and reseal your newly repaired area to create a uniform appearance that’s protected for the life of your door.

Panel Replacement

As a last resort for heavy garage door dent repair that consists of large dents and damaged panels, our experts can replace the individual panel to provide a brand new, uniform appearance. We use multiple suppliers in the area to provide you with a perfect match to your material and color every time.

Your home is your castle. You work tirelessly to make it beautiful and neat. Don’t live with a dented, damaged garage door that lowers your curb appeal. Our professionals can eliminate your dents and reveal a revived, refreshed garage door that contributes to the beauty of your home. For flawless garage door dent repair in Aurora, CO that you can count on, call our experts at 720-299-5604.