What Garage Floor Coating is Best?

A Concrete Garage Floor Surface

Lasting Protection, Plus Some Style!

The garage floor surface is a conundrum. One one hand, you walk across this flooring almost every day. On the other, very few people will ever see your hard work to keep the surface in clean condition.

Still, consistent maintenance makes it easier to keep your floor safe for the long haul. One of the easiests ways to maintain your surface is a garage floor coating. Today, we are going to dive into the different coating solutions available on the homeowner market. You should get a clear picture of what should work best for your property! Let’s get started.

How Can I Protect My Garage Floor?

Your garage floor sees a lot of action during the year. Foot traffic, vehicle traffic, oil leaks, chemical spills, steel bar rusting, impact trauma from dropped items, and many more hazards. Subtle foundational shifts can also send shock into the concrete, but imperfections during installation can be just as problematic.

So what can you do as a homeowner to protect your floor? While we can’t address the shifting foundations or concrete shrinkage, we can protect your floors from the various forms of impact and chemical damage. The easiest way: a garage floor coating.


How Much Does it Cost to Have a Garage Floor Coating?

That will heavily depend on whether or not you perform the coating yourself, and what product you use. According to this year’s numbers by HomeAdvisor, you can expect to pay $2 to $5 per square foot for equipment and materials alone. That range climbs and expands to $3 to $10 if you hire a professional to do the job for you.

What’s the value of hiring a professional? The pros typically offer more sophisticated and effective equipment for preparing your garage floor. The end results will most likely last longer and look better as a result. That’s true for most home projects however, whether you’re completing a flooring installation or window replacement.


What Can I Paint My Garage Floor With?

There are a handful of options for treating your garage floor, and even more alternatives that don’t involve chemical treatment. These include:

Types of Floor Coating and Coverings

  • Urethane coatings
  • Acid stains (decor only)
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Floor-grade paints
  • Concrete stain
  • Vinyl floor materials (rollouts or peel-and-stick)
  • Rubber floor materials
  • Garage floor-grade carpet

We’ll compare these options in a little while.

Sealer Comparison

Garage Door Paint vs Sealer

We use the word “paint” a little loosely here, because it’s a very broad term. You would never use that front door, Sherwin-Williams red for your garage floor coating! While epoxy coatings are indeed a type of paint, these products create a much more resilient surface for your garage. Many homeowners utilize either an epoxy or urethane coating, because these materials offer outstanding trauma and chemical resistance.

Of course, you have options for your garage floor coating not epoxy based. Some materials merely act as concrete sealers, which offer chemical protection but aren’t meant for high traffic area use.

What’s the Best Garage Floor Coating?

Urethane and epoxy coatings both provide a protective layer on top of your garage floor. Epoxies can offer excellent shock absorption and rebuff chemical stains. If you go with a garage floor epoxy, check out the various high-grade options your local service has to offer. These solutions get their best results when the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and degreased ahead of time. However, epoxies don’t handle prolonged sunlight exposure well.

If you’re garage admits sunlight throughout the day, you may wish to use a urethane coating instead. These coatings supply even stronger abrasion resistance than epoxy, and they do a better job at maintaining their original color. These solutions typically feature a shorter curing time as well.

While acid stains aesthetically alter the appearance of the floor surface, they do not offer the same chemical protection as the previous two solutions. If you want that floor resurfacing to last, you’ll have to follow up an acid stain with a protective coating, which makes the overall project more expensive.

What is the most durable garage floor paint? Most pros would tell you urethane, or a very high grade epoxy. Many garage floor coating experts lean towards one of these two options, depending on a home’s traffic and light exposure. If you can find a local expert that you trust, they can provide you with tailored suggestions based on your home’s needs.

A Nice Garage With a Glossy Floor

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